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Health Insurance 101

What is Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading?

Lifetime health cover (LHC) encourages young people to purchase and maintain hospital cover early in life. If you have not bought and maintained hospital cover from the year you turn 31, you will pay a 2% LHC loading on top of your premium for every year age over 30 if you choose to take out hospital cover later in life.

Do I have to serve waiting periods if I switch health insurance covers?

If you’ve had hospital cover for 12 months, typically you don't have to serve waiting periods if you switch to a similar health insurance policy. However, if you switch to a policy with a lower excess or higher cover, you will likely have to serve a waiting period (up to 12 months) for the extra services covered or savings.

What is the Australian Government Private Health Insurance Rebate?

The Private Health Insurance Rebate is an amount the government provides towards the cost of your private health insurance premiums. The rebate is determined based on your income, so your eligibility will depend on your annual earnings.

Does my health insurance policy automatically provide ambulance cover?

This depends on which state you live in and which insurer you choose. Most private health insurers provide Ambulance Cover and it often comes as part of hospital cover, but the level of coverage varies from insurer to insurer.

What is extras cover and can I save on medical expenses?

Extras cover – AKA ancillary cover or general treatment – covers you for out-of-hospital medical care that Medicare doesn’t cover, such as dental treatment, optometry, physiotherapy and more.

What’s the main benefit of having hospital cover?

Hospital cover helps with the costs of treatment as a private patient in a hospital. You have the option to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital, private hospital or day hospital. Buying private hospital cover also might mean you don’t have to pay the Medicare levy surcharge.

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Private Health Insurance Price Rise Protector

Terms and conditions

  1. To be eligible for a Price Rise Protector Amount payment:
    • The Eligible Customer must supply to No Worries a copy of their health insurance renewal notice (Renewal Notice) by email to by no later than June 30th of the Qualifying Year;
    • The Renewal Notice must evidence a Price Rise; and
    • Throughout the Qualifying Year: (a) the level of coverage and name of the Qualifying Health Insurance Policy must stay the same; and (b) the Qualifying Health Insurance Policy must not be in arrears or cancelled.
  2. The Price Rise Protector Amount will be paid by No Worries in 4 quarterly payments each equivalent to one quarter of the Price Rise Protector Amount. The first quarterly payment will be made on or around July 31st. Payments will be made to the Eligible Customer’s nominated bank account.
  3. Limit of 1 Price Rise Protector per Qualifying Health Insurance Policy.
  4. Limit of 1 Price rise Protector per named policy holder every 5 years
  5. Does not apply to annual payments made before April 1st.
  6. Does not apply to Qualifying Health Insurance Policies, the status of which, No Worries is unable to verify.
  7. Definitions:
    • Base Monthly Premium is the monthly amount payable by the Eligible Customer under the Qualifying Health Insurance Policy, when first purchased.
    • Eligible Customer means a named insured persons on a Qualifying Health Insurance Policy.
    • New Base Monthly Premium means the first monthly payment made in April of the Qualifying Year by the Eligible Customer for the Qualifying Health Insurance Policy.
    • No Worries is a trading name of Comparison Pty Ltd
    • No Worries Website means
    • Price Rise means an increase in the Base Monthly Premium as of April 1 during the Qualifying Year.
    • Price Rise Protector Amount is the difference between the New Base Monthly Premium and the Base Monthly Premium multiplied by 12.
    • Qualifying Health Insurance Policy means the first health insurance policy purchased through the No Worries Website or No Worries call centre that covers an Eligible Customer during the Qualifying Period. Policies bought through any other website, broker, comparison site or direct with a health insurer are expressly excluded.
      Price Rise Protector is in no way connected to or funded by your health insurance fund and is only available through ‘No Worries’ a trading name of Comparison Pty Ltd
    • Qualifying Period means any period that the Price Rise Protector has been advertised as being in effect on the No Worries website.
    • Qualifying Year means the 12 months from the start date of the Qualifying Health Insurance Policy.
  8. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia and the parties irrevocably submit to its exclusive jurisdiction.